Cookies Policy

Cookies policy

This cookies policy has the purpose of inform you in a clear and precise way about used cookeies in Guijuelo Gourmet, Ltd. webpage.

What “the cookies” are?

A cookie is a small text piece that websites send to user’s browser letting the website to remember information about the user and its visit, as your chosen languague and othe options, with the purpose of facilitate user’s next visit and make the website easier to use. Cookies play an important role and contribute to enhance user’s experience.

Types od cookies

According to which is the entity dealing with the domain from which cookies are sent, two different cookies can be differentiated: own cookies, and third parties cookies.

There also exist a second classification according to the time frame they are “stored” in client’s browser, existing session cookies and persistent cookies.

By last, there is othe classification, with five different cookies, according to the aim of the obtained data treatment: technical cookies, customization cookies, analytic cookies, advertising cookies and behavioral advertising cookies.

For more information, check Spanish Data Protection Agency cookies usage guide.

Used cookies in this web

Now used cookies in this portal will be explained:

Analytic cookies: Guijuelo Gourmet, Ltd. uses this kind of cookies to collect statistics about user activity when visiting this website. Information collected and enhace this website surfing optimization.

Technical and customization cookies: Guijuelo Gourmet, Ltd. use this cookies to enhance this webpage usage.

Third parties cookies: are those which are sent to the usere’s terminal from a equipment or domain not managed by Guijuelo Gourmet, Ltd., but for a third party which treat cookie data.

Cookies policy acceptance

By clicking on the I agree button appearing in our footer, we asume that you accept cookies usage.

How to modify cookies settings

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from or anyother webpage using your browser. Each browser has a different technique, “Help” fuction will help yu with this task.

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